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  • 1986: From the age of 18 whilst as a 6th form student I become deeply interested learning about psychology and human behavour
  • 1987 June: I leave school with 6 O levels and 3 A Levels, I have no interest in going to university, I want a job!
  • 1987 September: I start work at a ‘posh’ department store ‘Carmichaels’  (The Harrods of the North) in my home city of Hull. My job is selling high end expensive furniture. The company pay over £2000 for me to go on an exclusive sales training course with a specilalist trainer from the USA and teaches me ‘The Art of Selling‘.
  • 1987 October: I move into my own flat with two school mates.
  • 1987 December: I see an advert in my local newspaper, The Hull Daily Mail offering opportunities to train as financial advisers, I call immediately.
  • 1988 January: I go for the interview and am so impressive at the interview, I am offered a job there and then.
  •  1988 January:  I inform Carmichaels about my intention to take the job. They are very disapointed especially after investing so much money in my training. My friends and family all tell me it’s a big mistake. “What if it doesn’t work, out they say”? I am nonetheless determined.
  • 1988 February: I begin work as a high flying, suit wearing, self-employed financial adviser.  In effect I am just selling insurance and pensions to friends and relatives. If I don’t sell, I don’t earn!  Some people even get paid minus pay checks!! This is a tough introduction to hard pressure at an early age.
  • 1988 April: I become both youngest and fastest ever in the company to become a team manager after just 6 short weeks (normally takes 6-9 months). The company ask if they can use my own self designed client questionnaire as a blueprint for the whole 4000 sales force to use throughout the UK!
  • 1989 March: I am now a 21-year-old assistant branch manager, once again the youngest and fastest ever in the company.
  • 1989 May: I am earning almost £4000 per month, I am driving a £10,000 convertible sports car, have the girlfriend(s) an expensive flat and loads of nice clothes.
  • 1989 November: My self coinfidence is turning at times into arrogance, and I start to piss some powerful jealous people off.
  • 1990 February: My reputation in the industry does not go unnoticed I am contacted and eventually headhunted by a Financial Brokerage company in London. I decide to take the role of branch manager in Oxford London.
  • 1990 December: I end up working for 6 months and get almost no money. The director takes the lot and runs back to South Africa. I still remember his name, Gunt Krempel I used to call him something that sounded like Gunt, but enough said! I leave London with my tail between my legs and head back to Hull.
  • 1990 December: To make matter worse, when I was in London, I am betrayed by my girlfriend with one of my best friends in Hull and they do the dirty on me. I was not to find this out for nealry ten years. That one act of betrayal and ‘open secret ( everyone it seemed knew accept for me)  caused me almost a decade of pain and confusion and a cost me a lot of friendships.
  • 1991:Spring I decide to do something very different and to set up my own business and open a new hairdressing experience called Johnny’s Club and am I am the first buinsess owner in the UK to create a loyalty cards for members, allowing them discount from both local and even main retailers such as Top Shop.
  • 1991: Winter Johnny’s Club runs out of cash and folds. This was not at all due to the clients we were busy, I was just awful at running a business. I came really close to almost making it work and it had huge potential.  It wasn’t all bad, I had along the way learned a lot and yet I paid a price. I was only 24 and was suffering from mental burnout!
  • 1992 January:  After the failure of my business, I had time to reflect about how much stress I had been under day after day! I was finding I just could not seem to shut off and was even having trouble sleeping. My mum suggested sleeping pills, but something inside me warned me not to go there. After some thought and deliberation I asked myself, what is it that I am really interested in doing with my life? I was at a career crossroads . I made a decision not to put money first, but to make a positive difference!
  • 1992 February:  I see an ad in The Guardian newspaper for opportunities to train as a Professional Stress Management Consultant. I think oh I know a thing about stress. Aha Why not train as a consultant, help myself then help others? Seemed like a plan.
  • 1992: After almost a year of studying stress and its effects on people’s health’s. I become deeply disturbed by the whole system of modern medicine and the way it seems to merely concentrate on treating symptoms without ever addressing the cause. (Much less profit in cures)
  • 1992: The DREAM! I awake from a simple but powerful dream; I grab a pen and write down 5 words The CAUSE is the CURE!  These 5 words are the foundation for all my life’s work.  Later that same morning let’s just call it an unusual supernatural occurrence, strengthened my resolve.
  • 1993: I qualify as professional stress management consultant and am accepted as a full member of The International Stress Management Society UK.
  • 1994: I decide to call my training Well Naturally, meaning to be well just stick to nature.
  • 1993- 1996: I begin learning powerful, natural treatments to help my clients reduce stress. I begin practising meditation and yoga.
  • 1994: I start to learn ‘Hatha Yoga‘ (breathing and posture) and I discover how using abdominal deep breathing the internal stress response actually switches off.  I began to use the techniques myself. They began to have a positive effect on my sleep, my daily mood had improved and to my astonishment my resting pulse had gone down from 76 BPM to 44. Even today at the age 52 my resting pulse is around 50 seconds.
  • 1995-1996: I volunteer 18 months for the The Samaritans I also complete 2 years voluntary work at Citizen Advice Bureau
  • 1998: I watch a health documentary called ‘Breathless‘ on BBC television. MASSIVE!! This was about a special breathing technique that could improve and even  cure asthma! I watched the programme and was that impressed, I called the BBC the next day and after a bit of smooth talking to the receptionist I actually managed to get the mobile telephone number of the Russian Buteyko instructor. Coincidence or synchronicity?  Strangely I had for the last year been learning Russian language! When I spoke to the Buteyko therapist over the phone, I was able to say hello and how are you in Russian,  he was that impressed and asked if I would like to come along to his next course that weekend in York! Of course, I gratefully accepted the invitation.
  • 1998: I attended the course and after just one day, I witness a room full of weheezing asthmatics, and watch them literally transformed. I instinctively knew that this method had great potential.
  • 1998-1999: I begin to study much more in depth about Buteyko and his work and start to use the techniques myself.


  • 2000: In the summer I travel to Oxford and begin my training to become one of the first officially qualified Buteyko Asthma practitioners in the UK.
  • 2001: I year later I decide to do two solo parachute jumps. (Just in case I decide I am too scared to not do it I commit to it) The jumps are very scary, not enjoyable for one second, but I did them. By the way jumping out of a plane at 4000 feet is really scary but not as scary as stand-up comedy, which I do some years later.
  • 2002: I complete my Advanced Buteyko qualification direct from The Moscow Institute in Russia.
  • (I am still the only Independent Deep Buteyko practitioner in the UK 
  • 2002: Whilst in Russia I notice that at this time in Russia there was little appetite amongst the general population for processed food.  In total I was in Moscow & St Petersburg for 3 weeks I only noticed one obese person. I started to wonder if there was a direct link between processed food and weight gain?
  • 2002: I wrote my first book ‘How to Swap asthma for Life’ 
  • 2003: New Year’s Day Night, around 12.30 am I meet Sarah the one true love of my life and fall in love immediately.
  • 2002-4: I qualify as an Adult Teacher completing both my 7307 Part 1 & 2 Adult Teaching Certificates.
  • 2004: I teach Buteyko Practitioner Training Courses. I have people flying in from Spain, Portugal, Israel, Switzerland and the United States. The method I adopt is Buteyko plus exercise and diet, I call it BED. 
  • 2004: My son Joshua is born, before two years old he is diagnosed as a ‘Type 1 Diabetic’ (insulin dependent thought to be caused genetically) Joshua’s condition has had a huge positive influence on my future health work, especially the discovery of the single cause of obesity.
  • 2005: Sarah and I move into 147 HU5 3JU. If you put the postcode in to google post it comes up with the house name Well Naturally
  • 2006: I discover my father is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and is sadlly given only a few months to live.
  • 2007: I had already proposed to Sarah a few months earlier and thankfully she agreed. She also kindly agreed to bring the marriage forward so in August 2007 that year my father got to see his son married.
  • 2007 August: Sarah and I are married at St Martins Church in Hull.
  • 2008: My dad lives a full 15 months longer than diagnosed and with no chemotherapy. He eventually passes in the summer of 2008, RIP Dad.  
  • 2008 Winter: Something tells me in order to be a of maximum benefit  to my clients, I realised I needed to acquire more skills, including nutritional knowledge, exercise training, counselling and more empathy skills. So, over the next four years I complete a 2-year person centred counselling course, 2-year sports and fitness coaching program and spend the next decade studying the real truth about ‘real natural food’ and ‘manufactured food’. The difference is that astonishing that some years later I serendipitously discover that there is in fact just a single main cause of obesity, and that obesity is 100% man made!

  • 2010-Now!
  • 2010 my second book is published and covers the four key areas required for protection. Breathing, Exercise, Diet & Attitude. Ten days later I hear a voice in my head shout out “It’s not BEDA its ABED!” I realise I have got it all wrong, well not quite. But for any change we must first start with our own Attitude, so I rename the method ABED
  • 2010: ABED is published in Positive Health Magazine.
  • 2012: I qualified in nutrition and sports training.
  • 2014: ABED receives official recognition by the International Independent Therapists Institute. ABED is now the UK’s first health and only lifestyle program that is an actually recognised as a therapy and health improvement program, to be officially recognised and awarded therapy status.
  • 2015 In 1999 I did a comedy session on stage and ‘died’. It was horrendous! I vowed to myself I would one day do it again, smash it and lay the ghost to bed.  So, in 2015  I finally pluck up the courage and I do two separate comedy nights at two different venues in my home city of Hull. I found them even more scary than my parachute jumps, but the ride was well worth it, and I am pleased to say with all the laughing from the crowd then the booing when I was hauled off stage from other comedians! (apparently, I was on too long, personally by the laughs I was getting I think they were well jel 🙂 I am actually proud to say any stage fright ‘Ghost Slain!
  • 2015: I use ABED to start to teach groups of people Diet Free Weight Loss Training
  • 2015 August: The Hull Daily Mail put my story on the front page of their newspaper.
  • 2015 September: One day at the local diabetic clinic (every 3 months my wife and I have to take our son Josh for his check-up) I come across a huge Eureka moment and discover what I believe is the single largest cause of obesity. The excess consumption of processed man-made carbohydrates.

2016 February: The success of my work eventually leads to NHS Hull to ask me to teach their 4000 staff to lose weight. After 6 weeks preparing someone in management took offence at the name Dr Fatloss saying it is politically incorrect because some of the staff might find the term ‘fat’ is offensive! True story! The NHS became so embarrassed, they asked the Hull Daily Mail to remove the story, which they agreed to do, and took all online reference down, but luckily, I still have the proof! 🙂 

  • 2017: I write The Non-Pc Diet©
  • 2017: I trademark The Non-Pc Diet©.
  • 2018 I work on creating an online coaching alternative to diets and conventional slimming groups. I wanted to offer a weight loss coaching alternative that was accessible affordable to everybody! I find it crazy that millions of people around the UK and the rest of the World all pay £5 per week just to be weighed!
  • 2018 June: Both the local radio and press once again kindly cover my story.
  • 2018 September: The huge strain of all this work of which I have never made money, takes its toll on my marriage and my wife has had enough of my constant working and mood swings that come with it and a few months later Sarah after all the years has had enough and leaves. I am heart broken. 
  • 2019: I set about creating an online weight loss club. The aim is to provide professional health coaching including online weighing direct to your smart device and all in the comfort and safety your own home.
  • 2020: I call myself a Smart Health Coach and call my club, Smart Health Club. I love to dress smart and I love health so all you need is a smart device and I can coach you to better health.
  • 2020: Research shows that doing things in a group whether it be losing weight or improving confidence, working in a group gets much better results. I put the final touches ready to launch a world-wide weight loss club, for people to come together and help one another.
  • 2020: March the Corona virus hits and almost in a blink of an eye the world changes forever.
  • 2020 Life BC (Before Corona) was very different for us all but for those with pre-existing medical conditions can even be more worrying. For instance, BC asthmatics have gone from taking inhalers whenever you need it to try not to use your blue inhaler more than once or twice a week. I also read reports how Asthma UK are inundated with worried asthma sufferers how even some parents of asthmatics have had trouble obtaining asthma inhalers. (imagine the worry).  Yes, pollution may be improving but asthma stress is rising, and stress is by far the biggest cause of asthma attacks.
  • June 2020: I decide to put weight loss club on hold till later in the year, and concentrate on starting asthma club.
  • 2020: I research and discover some Buteyko practitioners are charging over £1000 for Buteyko
  • September 2020: It’s not hard to see the devastating impact the worry and fear from the reported pandemic is having on the nation’s health.
  • September 2020: 80% now report increases in stress and anxiety and 48% of people put on weight during the first lockdown.
  • October 2020: Concerns are been reported about the long-term damage isolation is doing to individuals and families.
  • December 2020: I launch Smart Health Club Founder Memberships and include a Lockdown Smart Health Natural Protection kit all my years health work plus some essential nutrition books and cook books.
  • December 2020: I am offering 147 Founder Memberships and 147 Smart Health Kits at more than 80% off!
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Click on the image above to watch BBC Buteyko Asthma video

As soon as I watched the BBC documentary on Buteyko I was hooked and immediatley understood why this method works so well.

In 1999 I became one of the first health coaches in the UK to qualify as a Buteyko Breathing Asthma Coach.

In 2002 I travelled to Russia and trained at the Buteyko institute in Moscow in Advanced Buteyko. 

I used my experience as a stress mangagement consultant and added, mental relaxation as well as, safe exercise and recduced PC’s in diet. 

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If  you have diabetes, are worried about diabetes or know someone with diabetes, then this information is for you. 

I have  personal interest in diabetes because one of my children has T1 since just before 2 years old. (No this does not mean like some silly people have inferred this looks bad on my coaching skills. 

If you watch the videos above, T1 is is an autoimmune disease, to date thier is no cure.

~T2 is however as different story, this might be a surprise to you, contrary to what you read in the mainstream media, T2 Diabetes can be compleltey reversed, with enough real food and a full on correct attitude.

Diabetes is a serious condition where your blood glucose level is too high. It can happen when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or when you can’t produce any at all.

When you’ve got type 1 diabetes, you can’t make any insulin at all. If you’ve got type 2 diabetes, it’s a bit different. The insulin you make either can’t work effectively, or you can’t produce enough of it. They’re different conditions, but they’re both serious.

Other types of diabetes include gestational diabetes, which some women may go on to develop during pregnancy. And there are many other rarer types of diabetessuch as type 3c and Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) too.

In all types of diabetes, glucose can’t get into your cells properly, so it begins to build up in your blood. And too much glucose in your blood causes a lot of different problems. To begin with, it leads to diabetes symptoms.

1 in 10 people aged over 40 in the UK are now living with diabetes. 90% of those are with Type 2


Diabetes UK in 2016 Kindly granted me permission to

give their amazing cook books FREE to my clients.





Stress Management
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Weight Management
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Mike is the head of ABED© Smart Health Club UK


He created of the UK’s 1st official healthy lifestyle program in 2010 

ABED©: A Four Step Lifestyle Health Program 

Attitude Breathing Exercise Diet 

Click on the image above to read more how Mike coaches differently  

Click on the image above to read more about Mikes incredible journey

In 2012  ABED© was awarded therapy status and officially recognised by the International Independent Therapists Institute 

In 2016 The Hull Daily Mail       covered the story and put Mike on the front page.

From this story  Hull NHS Hospitals contacted Mike asking if he would teach The ABED© Method to help their staff lose weight.

Mike was determined to take ABED© to the masses and set about creaitng an online health and fitness club that was affordable for everybody. 

Click on the pic to watch Mike again in The Hull Daily Mail 

In 2017 Mike wrote  The Non Pc Diet- How to Have your cake & still lose weight!

The Non-Pc Diet is the first diet that identifies the root cause of obesity; namley the excess consumption of  Processed Carbohydrates 

This is the first diet that identifies and targets the main cause of all obesity and T2 diabetes,  the mass production and consumption of Processed Carbohydrates. 

Take a look at this UK beach front image prior to the mass production of PC’s. 

Typical beach front across the UK in the early 1970’s before the mass production of PC’s