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I am an ABED® mind and body health coach and I do things differently to 99% of all other coaches.

Almost 30 years ago I wrote down 5 words that would change my life.

Those 5 words were… 

‘The Cause is the Cure’

Since that day I have been on a path to discover the cause of illness, because dealing with the cause of the condition we can set about improving that condition.

For instance, you will never lose weight and keep it off by going on a diet, you will never improve asthma long term on drugs, the same with T2 diabetes and you will never improve sleep long term on sleeping pills. 

Conventional western medicine, often masks the symptoms but is like turning up the radio to ignore the knocking in your cars engine. 

Eventually unless you deal with the real issue, something more serious will occur. 

So instead of dealing with the symptoms, I believe in dealing with the cause of conditions. 

ABED® helps with many conditons including Obesity, Diabetes, Asthma as well as improving mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. 

NHS Hull requested my help to improve the health of their 4000 Hull staff.

In 2017 I again appeared in the Hull Daily Mail and was on the BBC Radio to cover my new book:

The Non Pc Diet® the first diet to tackle the root cause of obesity and simplifies weight loss without the need to count calories. You can buy my book by clicking here 

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