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Hello my name is Mike Clark and I have been a mind and body health coach for over 25 years.

I am qualified in nutrition, stress management and am a Moscow classically trained Buteyko Asthma Specialist.

I am the writer of a number of books including The Non Pc Diet 

and the creator of ABED Health the first UK lifestyle program to be awarded therapy status.

Here I am front page of The Hull Daily Mail covering the story.

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Questions & Answers

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What is ABED?

ABED© is the first healthy lifestyle program to be recognised as aa therapy in the UK

ABED is a simple 4-point plan that helps people improve their health.

In 2017 I appeared on the front page of the Hull Daily Mail having created a lifestyle health program which still is the ONLY program of its kind that has been awarded therapy status.

Hull NHS asked me to help improve the health of their 4000 staff in Hull using ABED




A 4 step approach to helping you improve your health naturally without dieting




is it more than just weight loss?

Is dieting so bad?

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